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MayAir has established strong sales networks in Asia and Europe, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Middle East, and Germany, Britain, France, Australia and so on.

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MayAir has more than 20 years of experience in providing air purification solutions, integrated air purification solutions and customized purification services for the electronics, semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive, commercial, civil construction and other fields.


MayAir provides micro-environment ultra-clean solutions for microelectronics clean rooms, including equipment-side fan filter unit (FFU), ultra-thin equipment fan filter unit (EFU), and optional chemical filter section combines cleanliness control with gaseous pollution control for a wide range of applications, ultra-thin and energy-saving, helping companies create superior manufacturing environments


MayAir’s cartridges use the world’s top NANO filtration technology. A layer of fibers having a diameter of 0.2 to 0.3 microns is used to capture dust particles of less than 1 micron.
Dust can be effectively removed in the backflushing cleaning, thereby improving the filtering efficiency of the filter cartridge and increasing the service life.


MayAir provides comprehensive support and services in project commissioning phase, inspection on AMC levels of the environment using suitable monitoring techniques, site analysis before proposal of product. Simply to ensure our client are getting the best solutions.


MayAir adopted the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and applies industrial technology transform to commercial and civil fields to provide solutions for the control of particulate matter, microbial contaminants and gaseous pollutants. Providing customers most optimized purification air solution starting from site survey, simulation data, customized solutions, production of model rooms, professional construction, and after-sales service


Our  unlimited power and customization possibilities

In order to provide world class Indoor Air Quality solution to our customer, MayAir has an advanced R&D center equipped with latest engineering technology and testing instrument based on European standards (EN779 & EN1822) and American Standard (ASHRAE 52.2). All air filtration products produced by MayAir fulfilled European standards (EN779 & EN 1822) and American Standard (ASHRAE 52.2).

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