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About Us

About Us

MayAir has more than 20 years of experience in providing air purification solutions, providing integrated air purification solutions and customised purification services for the electronics, semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, automotive coating, commercial, civil construction and other fields. MayAir also known for providing quality products and services serving different industries. We have grown into one of the top brands in the air purification industry and also one of the largest suppliers of air filters and purification equipment.


Vision – We aim to be a leader, Always.

Mission – To deliver clean, health-worthy air.


Our Core Values


We continually challenge ourselves to explore new and better ways in delivering the best-fit products and solutions so that our customers can realise their vision. We believe that innovation will lead us ahead in the market.


We emphasize the quality of measurement by ensuring all products are produced with the highest grade along with conforming every standards and requirement.


We are passionate in providing the best products and solutions to our customers. Our priority is to provide our customers with full support throughout their whole procurement journey.


We always pursuing and performing the best effort to create highly effective clean technology solutions. Excellence is the gradual result of always strive to do better.

Customer Satisfaction

Every customer is treated with respect. Meeting their needs remain our highest priority. We work to understand each need, recommend the best solution, and ensure fulfilment of requirements.


Every employee play an important role, where accountability, integrity and unity are the key factors to inherent. Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon result.

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